I thought I should do a bit more of an about page since it’s been a while since I have regularly updated this blog.

Hello, I’m Beka and I like making things and bunnies. I live in Melbourne.

I have a Masters of Fine art from RMIT and I have a very diverse Craft based practice that engages with ideas of sustainability and is an attempt to translate  my own wonder and joy in the natural world for the viewer. I am obsessed with Fungi.

I currently have two rabbits of my own Iago (black ) and his wee girlfriend Beatrice (grey). Little Bea had to have eye surgery when she was young which is documented in this blog.


I help run a gallery in Docklands called D11 @Docklands, this takes up a fair bit of my time, but is a pretty great thing to be a part of. I have participated in a few shows and curated a couple which is a great challenge. The Facebook is here

I’m also involved in Blacksmith Doris, which is a women only blacksmithing group based in Bundoora, forging  is an ongoing joy and challenge for me.
I love making jewellery using silver and enamel and I have a sweet studio set up in my house, Which I won’t show you a picture of as its permanently messy.


I want to get my etsy back up and running so that will be my next big task.

If you need to know anything else just ask 🙂

Debbie Harman

The next person I want to talk about in the list of inspiring and amazing people is Debbie Harman.

I cant remember where I met Debbie, I think it was through  Blacksmith Doris.

Debbie is the artist that never stops. Judging by her output I’m not even sure she sleeps!
Debbie is an artist, a ceramicist, mosaic maker, stitcher, teacher, cartoonist, mother, tea drinker extraordinaire.

I think the first work I saw of Debbie’s was part of more art many years ago when she was obsessed with chairs and was incorporating personal text into public space. I remember a chair covered in ceramic words and a wall that had text on. I remember the word “you” written beautifully in ceramic hanging on a fence. Somehow  I ended up with one (no I didn’t steal it).


Also there is a cheeky Mary Hackett work in this image.

Debbie works a lot with taking personal text into public space, she has just finished her masters of public art where she explored this further, however she also likes things that have feet.

Here is a toadstool with feet that she gave me for a birthday once,  a TOADSTOOL WITH FEET.
Here it is doing a dual job of being awesome and holding up my books.

Another piece I got in a trade is this,  a painted rabbit on ceramic she made, soon it will be added to my rabbit wall.

Recently Debbie had two shows on simultaneously ,  One was the drawing show that I organised  for this I asked Debbie to submit her work “a year of envelopes”  (blog here)
This series of works is an attempt to ensure that Debbie opened her mail instead of letting it sneak away and pile up.
Its pretty impressive:



The snails are one of my favourites

The other show that Debbie had on is  massive solo show (across two spaces) called abandoned selves, which exlored the selves we leave behind and the perception of the selves we have become as we a move through our lives.

This show was amazing, Debbie had worked with her friend  Annette Louise Signorini who had written some inspired by and to work with the pieces themselves. It was a lovely balance and it was also really great to have Annette talk about  Debbie and her generosity of spirit which is something Debbie shares with all she meets. This was shown in  the excitement of Debbies friends crowded around at the opening.

20140811_105657Abandoned selves had handmade invites (some with errors!)

Here are a few works from the Huntclub show this show had a blind bidding system which started at $30 an artwork, it caused a stir on the opening night, fingers crossed I win the works I bid on, here are some pics!





And from the Smallpieces show at Northcote pottery




Blog for Abandoned Selves is here
The shows are on until the 16th. you should go.

In summer Debbie has been running classes for people, me and Dan made most of a dinner set once so fancy!
2014-01-19 15.39.13

Debbie is a character who is an amazing person I’m lucky to know,  here she is serenading her unimpressed dog Lucy.


Mr T

As a Way of forcing myself to update this more often I thought I would feature a few of my friends and colleagues work and talk about them a bit.  One of the great advantages of being an artist is knowing other artists and being in a position to trade work with them, I have a lot of amazing pieces I have traded for and are incredibly special to me.

Today Im going to do a wee feature of My friend Tull Suwannakit, One of the most talented and humble people I know.  His work uses animals (both taxidermied and illustrated)  to explore themes of dislocation and alienation from the environment in site specific installations. Here is his website: www.nomadicfoe.com

I have a few pieces from Tull the first which was a trade is this tiny bird, nestled in a cigarette tin this is not taxidermy like most of tull’s work but rather is  a created creature made from latex and modelling clay with kangaroo fur and paint for detailing, this one is from our masters year of 2011



Tull also is a published author and illustrator with his recent children’s  book “What happens next?” winning awards and charming people worldwide (purchasable here)  I have a couple of his illustrations in my rabbit wall of artworks the rabbit couple looking at each other and the small delicate water colour “raball”

2014-04-27 15.58.37
We had the very good fortune of making a collaborative piece in a show curated by Michael Carolan (update on MC soon!), “Uneasy Truces”  this is a detail of the result :

2014-04-15 13.24.17

When I asked Tull to be a part of a drawing show down at D11 he initially declined saying he didn’t have time, I pushed him and he gave me a sketchbook to exhibit. A sketchbook that he has been documenting animals in for about 10 years, what he considers a sketchbook not worthy of white gloves in a show I (and a lot of other viewers) would consider an outstanding record of animals bot realistic and playful. Its stunning. Here is a cheeky look at some of my favourite pages





Tull Currently has an exhibition on at Brunswick arts called Mimesis Transition (link) and I strongly recommend you go! This show incorporates both Tull’s Taxidermy work with his draws and one sets off the other brilliantly, the balance is fantastic. The work is installed carefully and thoughtfully and the lighting is very well thought out.  Here are a couple of images:


The show is on until the 10th and I really think everyone should have a look and spend some time with the work.

Update on my little Beatrice

In the last week I have been amazed and humbled by peoples offering help, buying my wares and just generally being amazing.

I didn’t realise how truly awesome my friends are, and so thank you.

The little lady in question is still at home and is spending time working out new and exciting ways of avoiding taking her medicine.
Her current favourite is to hide in the back of the cage with iago sitting in front of her to protect her.

I have just spoken with my local vet who has told me that the tests have confirmed it is the parasite, I then spoke with the Rabbit clinic who advised they cannot do the surgery to attempt to fix the eye but only the severe option of taking it out.

It has been suggested that she be referred to an eye specialist, I am currently waiting on the vet to provide me with the details of the specialist to be sent to me.

More waiting.

This little face is sick of the waiting:

My etsy is still up and running If you feel like buying some jewellery or art and helping out with her vet bills.


In which I ask for help.

Anyone who meets me soon realises two things.

I have rabbits, and I love them very very much.


Here is a picture of my babies, Iago is the big black boof head boy and the tiny grey princess is Beatrice she is 8 months old a netherland dwarf, and one of the sweetest and prettiest bunnies you will meet, when they are not rampaging around my house together these two enjoy licking each others faces and spooning.

Yesterday I noticed there was something very wrong with Beatrice, and after two vet visits and $430 it has been explained that she has a parasite that they can catch in the womb and resulting abscess in her left eye, she is home with me and Iago (the love of her tiny life)

There are two options :

The first option is surgery to remove the parasite and the damage it has caused, this is expensive but should save her eye.

The second option is to remove her eye entirely, this is the cheaper option.

I don’t yet have the full costs of either procedure but soon the decision will have to be made but at this current juncture I am terrified I will have to make a decision to partially blind one of my beloved pets for financial reasons.

I am listing a bounty of artworks on my etsy, over the next few days, and simply ask if you have ever considered buying my art or jewellery now is the time.
You can email me at beka@oneclockworkrabbit.com

here is my etsy: