One night stand

And now we are almost up to date with the big shows at least!

Earlier this year I participated in a really exciting group show called One Night Stand: Transient status, This is the second iteration of “One night stand” by Coalesce ARI (which itself is on its umpteenth iteration  since I was involved with its founding what seems like forever ago)

with the first being at Donkey wheel house last year, this was a really amazing show and at the time I regretted not being a part of it, so I was very excited to see a call for application open up early in the year.

There was a great range of work on show from amazing performance pieces through to durational works such as mine and artists drawing the viewers and recording the event in text.

My work was my very first durational piece and incorporated my crochet fungus works into a larger piece called “decay”. This piece sat in a dish of black ink that gradually was absorbed into the crochet forms and moved progressively higher up the piece. Here are a few images of the transition.



I was happy with this piece and I am eager to try this sort of durational piece again in the future.


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