Debbie Harman

The next person I want to talk about in the list of inspiring and amazing people is Debbie Harman.

I cant remember where I met Debbie, I think it was through  Blacksmith Doris.

Debbie is the artist that never stops. Judging by her output I’m not even sure she sleeps!
Debbie is an artist, a ceramicist, mosaic maker, stitcher, teacher, cartoonist, mother, tea drinker extraordinaire.

I think the first work I saw of Debbie’s was part of more art many years ago when she was obsessed with chairs and was incorporating personal text into public space. I remember a chair covered in ceramic words and a wall that had text on. I remember the word “you” written beautifully in ceramic hanging on a fence. Somehow  I ended up with one (no I didn’t steal it).


Also there is a cheeky Mary Hackett work in this image.

Debbie works a lot with taking personal text into public space, she has just finished her masters of public art where she explored this further, however she also likes things that have feet.

Here is a toadstool with feet that she gave me for a birthday once,  a TOADSTOOL WITH FEET.
Here it is doing a dual job of being awesome and holding up my books.

Another piece I got in a trade is this,  a painted rabbit on ceramic she made, soon it will be added to my rabbit wall.

Recently Debbie had two shows on simultaneously ,  One was the drawing show that I organised  for this I asked Debbie to submit her work “a year of envelopes”  (blog here)
This series of works is an attempt to ensure that Debbie opened her mail instead of letting it sneak away and pile up.
Its pretty impressive:



The snails are one of my favourites

The other show that Debbie had on is  massive solo show (across two spaces) called abandoned selves, which exlored the selves we leave behind and the perception of the selves we have become as we a move through our lives.

This show was amazing, Debbie had worked with her friend  Annette Louise Signorini who had written some inspired by and to work with the pieces themselves. It was a lovely balance and it was also really great to have Annette talk about  Debbie and her generosity of spirit which is something Debbie shares with all she meets. This was shown in  the excitement of Debbies friends crowded around at the opening.

20140811_105657Abandoned selves had handmade invites (some with errors!)

Here are a few works from the Huntclub show this show had a blind bidding system which started at $30 an artwork, it caused a stir on the opening night, fingers crossed I win the works I bid on, here are some pics!





And from the Smallpieces show at Northcote pottery




Blog for Abandoned Selves is here
The shows are on until the 16th. you should go.

In summer Debbie has been running classes for people, me and Dan made most of a dinner set once so fancy!
2014-01-19 15.39.13

Debbie is a character who is an amazing person I’m lucky to know,  here she is serenading her unimpressed dog Lucy.


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