I thought I should do a bit more of an about page since it’s been a while since I have regularly updated this blog.

Hello, I’m Beka and I like making things and bunnies. I live in Melbourne.

I have a Masters of Fine art from RMIT and I have a very diverse Craft based practice that engages with ideas of sustainability and is an attempt to translate  my own wonder and joy in the natural world for the viewer. I am obsessed with Fungi.

I currently have two rabbits of my own Iago (black ) and his wee girlfriend Beatrice (grey). Little Bea had to have eye surgery when she was young which is documented in this blog.


I help run a gallery in Docklands called D11 @Docklands, this takes up a fair bit of my time, but is a pretty great thing to be a part of. I have participated in a few shows and curated a couple which is a great challenge. The Facebook is here

I’m also involved in Blacksmith Doris, which is a women only blacksmithing group based in Bundoora, forging  is an ongoing joy and challenge for me.
I love making jewellery using silver and enamel and I have a sweet studio set up in my house, Which I won’t show you a picture of as its permanently messy.


I want to get my etsy back up and running so that will be my next big task.

If you need to know anything else just ask 🙂

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