Update and Sneak peek!

So little Beatrice had her operation last Wednesday, and she has been recovering at home ever since, snuggling her boyfriend Iago and getting stroppy every time I need to give her medication, which at the moment is 9 times a day, apart from being covered in scratches from the neck down I am overjoyed at how she is recovering.


Her  eye looks clearer and less inflamed every day and she has the vision back, as she had to have the lens of her eye removed everything must be a bit blurry for her, but she hasn’t run into anything yet so I have high hopes that everything will be ok.

I finally feel like I have done everything in my power to ensure she gets through this ok, and im still in awe of the support I have been getting.
As soon as the temperature drops under 30 degrees here I will be in the studio finishing off orders for those amazing folk who have helped me and my little girl out.

In other more art related news here is a sneaky glimpse of my work for the “Men with beards” show at Off the Kerb gallery in Collingwood, show opens on the 5th of April so save the date!


Update on my wee Puff


Update on little Puff Puff,

After much back and forth, as her situation worsened, Little Beatrice has been booked in for surgery on Wednesday morning, to remove the abscess and a cataract that is forming over her lens. The surgery is costing between $1800- $2000 but I am just relieved there is a possibility of saving her eye.

Over the period of time since I first noticed the problem she has seen three vets on four occasions and had a lot of tests, I have spoken with seven vets and the most frustrating part of this is that as my little girl got worse and was obviously in pain and uncomfortable, it was very hard to get a straight answer out of the vets, there was a lot of “wait and see”

It has been truly heartbreaking to watch her situation worsen and feeling helpless as we have been forced  to continue providing her with medicine that didn’t really seem to help much and not know about an end point or a plan to try to save her eye (or to operate and remove the eye to end the suffering)

I am feeling relieved as the decision has been made to go ahead and do the surgery and I feel I am doing anything I can to try to save her vision.

I am still overwhelmed at the offers of support  both financially through buying my art/jewellery and through supportive friends even just sending an email to say we are in their thoughts.

Hitting things to solve problems

So, Im very stressed about little Beatrice, still waiting, still hoping as things seem to get worse.
Yesterday I decided to take a break from worrying and go hit some things.

So heres what I did yesterday :


Stage one: Bar stock, cut into 180mm lengths


Stage 2: A little pile of links, forge welded closed.


Stage 3: A chain of seven links, all forge-welded closed, in varying states of “round”

This is the start of something very special for Doris but I will update about it seperately and properly, when Im less stressed out.