Brooch a Day 2013

I don’t really consider myself a jeweller, or a blacksmith, or a painter, I am simply a maker. This allows me to explain what I do (make things! ) without having to limit myself to one particular discipline or field of knowledge.

The downside of this is some places want me to explain my “pedigree” who I have been taught by, where I did my degree etc etc, and while I have a masters of fine art  it is technically in painting (even though I  seldom painted since my second year of undergraduate), and while I have studied under some pretty amazing artists and jewellers ( Linda Darty, Katherine Bowman, Mary Hackett, Kirsten Haydon to name a few) I don’t feel like I know enough to describe myself as a jeweller, the same goes for blacksmithing.  This can lead to me feeling inadequate  when associating with other (more experienced and talented artisans)

I heard about a group called Brooch a day, basically a group of jewellers and artists are making a brooch every day of 2013,  and posting them on flikr . I am joining them in this, the current problem is my own insecurity about what I am doing has me too nervous to post my brooches on the group page.  I have just started doing today.


however you can admire my creations at my new flicker account : and here are a few of my favourites, I am planning on making more from metal but I have been going through a studio reshuffle and re-organise and I’m a bit delayed.

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Brooch a Day Flickr