Desk in progress

Forgive me internet I have sinned, it has been quite a few weeks since my last update.
The loss of the furry ginger love of my life has made the last few weeks difficult at best.

Anyway onto brighter topics, here is an update on my desk in progress.

Day two of desk building started with two legs and a top and finished up with all four legs cut to size and a lot of chiselling in my future.


The desk top cut into rough size with two sets of leg holes done and two drilled.

tetris desk

Tetris desk! all the pieces cut out and almost ready to assemble.


Getting stuck into chiselling.

Day three finished with the desk standing upright and the gaps around the leg holes filled with a mixture of resin and red gum dust, this will solidify the desk in the end square cut outs will be level with the top surface and will look fancy as they will be a few shades darker than the rest of the desk.


My desk standing up by itself! super exciting moment, its tucked into the shed next to the boat.


Resin all smeared into the gaps.

This was the first time I have used resin and it was kind of fun when red gum dust was added to form a paste, though a bit messy and smelly. I can see lots of other applications for the stuff though. More resin will need to be used to fill in the cracks in the top surface and to mend around the legs after sanding as I am unsure if these have been completely filled.