The beginning of the desk project.

I decided a while back that I need two desks in my studio, one for cutting, filing, hitting and being messy on and one kept clean and dedicated to enamels with my pretty kiln Gertrude on it.

I really wanted a proper jewellers bench for cutting and filing and being as I am a impoverished sort I decided that rather than buying a premade desk I would make my own. This also has the  advantages that I would be able to include my Grandfathers old singer sewing drawers that sat on his workbench in his shed, and I would get to be involved in making something that will with any luck last me a very long time.
I have an amazing friend  David who  previously decided to build a boat from scratch, in his shed, who not only offered to help me with the practical how-to side of woodwork and has all the required gear but also who has the contacts to get me the perfect slab of wood, in this case a 7cm thick 2.5m long slab of Red gum, that with a lot of work will become the desk of my dreams.


Here is a shot of the wood grain that will be so much prettier after it is sanded well and oiled to show off the stunning red colour.

Here is the slab all ready to be chopped into sections, with a David for scale.


And here it is after a days work,  the centre piece will be the top of the desk and the two (perfectly cut and smoothed and super pretty) legs will fit puzzle-like into holes cut into the top for a super strong, glue free finish, and added fancy-ness.

end of day1

I will be working on it again this weekend and I’m so very excited about getting this done and being able to sit at the desk I made on the chair I made working on making new things.

a little distraction.


This is little Iago, the newest little stray to join the family over at Casa de clockworkrabbit, he is about 5 months old now and he enjoys frolicking with his girlfriend Ophelia, having his chin scratched and sleeping on my feet. He is super cute, quite silly and a distraction.

Blacksmith Doris

I should probably have posted about this a long time ago, but there is something pretty amazing that I do in my spare time, I’m learning to blacksmith, but the part that makes it so wonderful is that I’m learning to blacksmith as part of a group of amazing, Talented and Inspiring women.

Blacksmith Doris is a collective of women who are interested in learning about blacksmithing, we now meet monthly and learn the skills and techniques required to complete our own projects.  The women are all from different backgrounds  though mostly comprised of makers, there are scientists and people who just want to get stuck in to the process as well as people who are interested in the history of this art we find ourselves embracing.

I am very much still a learner but I love the action of it, the heat of the forge and the sheer joy of hitting hot metal.
I  love making curls of steel, the way  if you heat the metal enough you have complete control as you bend it to form curling tendrils, and as  you can see I get plenty of practice at this.


I have made a selection of decorative hooks to keep my various work aprons out of my way, one is so out of the way I cannot seem to locate it.


My latest project involves an elderly chair frame I felt sorry for at uni, so when I finished my year and cleaned out my studio I took it with me, I have made a couple of curls to sit and act as back support and for my next trick Im going to make some supersized  jewellers rivets (hand hammered of course!) to hold the curls on, then It will be a simple matter of cutting a base from wood, padding  it and covering it with fabric (that I am yet to get)  and then I will have the perfect little studio chair.

 chair frame


As Blacksmith Doris grows and evolves into something larger I get more excited about the possibilities it presents, and what it represents to the individuals that make it so special, I have a lot of hope that Doris will only go from strength to strength as I know it has an important place in not only maintaining but introducing women to an overlooked art, where women are shockingly underrepresented and often ignored..

I feel tired already! But I also need to post about my perfect studio desk, which I am also making!