Pretty in pixels, cross stitch

This post has been a long time coming, just like the work itself.
Every year I make a work for the RMIT annual textiles show, this year the theme was ANALOGUE: Digital

I decided to use cross stitch as my medium as it converts well to digital images and the basis for this work was pretty traditional embroidery slowly becoming pixelated towards the lower end before becoming a pixelated colour bar.

I incorporated patterns that belonged to my grandmother, who was a devoted cross stitcher, and I have happy memories of her helping to teach me to stitch, I even used some of the threads I inherited from her.
These patterns were incorporated into a larger pattern I drew up myself on grid paper with much more simplified forms.

Suffice to say this piece not only took a while to make, it also means a lot.

here is a detail of it part way through:


and here it is finished (I have been storing it rolled up so it needs a iron)

pretty in pixels