ManJewellery was the second in Part B’s series of one-day-only jewellery ‘happenings’.

On the 20th of November 2011, the research jewellery group Part B held an exhibition of jewellery for men.

HERE is the works on their models, my work was modelled by the delectable Tim Dubois.

Here are a few detail shots.

Here it is on Tim, I was trying to make some tribalistic pieces to go with Tim’s Scarification


The shorter piece is called Bones of my enemies,

and is made from Copper, brass, glass, porcelain teeth, bones.


Antique porcelain teeth, bird vertebrae and rat jawbones, held in a glass test tube with copper end caps.


The copper for the end caps was roll printed using Gretchen, my rolling mill,  and it opens at the side using a copper hook I made.


Brass chain with a special holder for a bird bone.


The second longer piece is called On a wing & a prayer.

and is made of copper, brass, glass, and a dried praying mantis.


My little mantis friend.


Saw pierced brass cicada wing, copper chain and lace textured copper cap for the  smaller test tube.
His wings are so super pretty and bright green.


I really loved making these pieces and will keep making different versions,

as I like feeling like I’m wearing my cabinet of curiosity around during the day.

Forgotten Fungi – exhibition now on

New year, new start, new exhibition!

I currently have a really exciting show on at Rooftop art spaces, which is a series of nine weather proof boxes that showcase amazing art from some of Melbourne’s up and coming artists.
their blog here
their Facebook here

What I love about this space is it is perfect for small works like mine, there is a push in the art world to go big, and an implication that larger scale items will always be better, a space like this one allows artists like me to show that small works can make big statements.

Here are some images in the daytime:



crochet caps



smithy ring

The really awesome thing about these boxes is that they have tiny lights built in and at night they come alive in a very different waylights



Amanita phalloides



I am really pleased with this exhibition and I’m in love with the space, it is on until the 29th of January, if you are in Melbourne go grab a cider and check it out.