Indicator Species

I have an exhibition running at the moment as a satellite event for Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed festival.
Craft Victoria website

It will be on until the end of august.
Level 4, Building 10, RMIT City Campus, 360 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Here are some images!

The three cabinets

Bracket fungi.P1050769


detail of  some of the toadstools in center cabinet.P1050858


Cup fungi.P1050753

All are lit using LEDs, all are made from air drying clay or transparent femo.
I plan to get better images but its hard to take pictures of objects behind glass.

Indicator Species examines a hybrid of technology and nature through an installation of luminous fungal forms.

Fungus plays an important role as an agent of decay in the ecosystem, and most species of fungus are bioindicators or “indicator species”. An indicator species is a plant or animal thought to be sensitive to and therefore to serve as an early warning indicator of environmental changes such as global warming or environmental stresses such as pollutants.

The installation uses ceramics and textiles combined with electronics to create softly glowing modular forms, exploring the infinite variations of fungi within a limited colour palette.

Examining the idea of fungi being an indicator of environmental changes, the exhibition highlights the current environmental plight we find ourselves in and environmental changes that are often seemingly going unnoticed.

In association with RMIT Link Arts

And the Craft Cubed festival presented by Craft Victoria.


This exhibition would not have been possible with out the experience, expertise and help of Mr Tim Dubois, master of cables.


More drains, more plugholes and more fungus.
This is from a series I took a picture of “fungus” in each of the plugholes in the house.
this one is from the shower.

I will do a proper update soon with images from my current show (that is SO hard to take pictures of)