Textile earrings

Here are my earrings from the “Lend me your ears” show with part B at mailbox 141

textile earrings1


They are cast sterling silver with lace impressions with an enamel on copper drop, and silver ear wires.
A Celebration of textiles and embroidery, these earrings are examining the use of textile motifs in metal and enamel. The cast silver captures the impression of lace, while the enamel drops are patterned in the style of a Japanese embroidery technique called Sashiko.

Busy Busy Busy

The busy has struck again over here in Oneclockworkrabbit land,
and in the next week I have works in two shows,
which means two openings to attend!

Firstly on Tuesday there is RMIT’s annual textile and fashion show at First Site.



And secondly on Thursday  the 17th there will be a second opening  at mailbox 141 between 5:30 and 7:30 to celebrate the second set of earrings going on display.
My pair of earrings are in this installation and I am very excited about them.



Pictures here after the openings, I don’t want to ruin the surprise!


Back at uni, changing supervisor this year is exciting.
I’m trying something new.

Shaping sheet copper into domed vessel forms as mushroom cups before enamelling.

For the forms I’m just heating and bashing it on a bit of wood to get the shape, then using plasticine to hold the piece while I get the surface right.

Huge challenge, lots of work ahead.

Cute little domey-dome shapes.