Egg Shapers.

Some of the many things I brought back from Tokyo was egg shapers.
These little wonders shape boiled eggs into adorable shapes ready to be tucked into bento boxes for lunch.

So you boil the egg, peel it and place in the shaper, here is a part of my selection:

egg shapers

After placing the egg in you snap the mould shut and place the whole thing in cold water for 10 minutes.
After  ten minutes you have a super cute egg!little car egg


My garden amazes me,
my artichoke plant went crazy and started producing lots of artichokes.

The first was steamed as per Lucie’s suggestion and eaten with a lemoney, mustardy  vinaigrette .

artichoke steamed

The second batch I got more ambitious and decided to pickle them.

Before pickling:

pickled noms


After pickling:

pickling artichokes

Flavouring used was thyme (from Bens herb pots)  chilli and garlic from my garden.
So good by themselves, more amazing in pasta sauce.

I was planning to put some on home made pizza, but I ate them all first.


YUM! and my plant still has more growing!