Apart from just crocheting my other obsessive passion is enamelling, this time consuming gold and silversmithing proccess enables me to get in touch with my perfectionist side.

Of  enamelling techniques Cloisonne is my favourite it involves bending tiny wires into shape and then applying layers of colour into the created “cells”

Here is my anatomic heart piece being made:

firstly the fine silver wires all bent into shape:



This is after the first layer of colour has been applied and fired.


After the many layers of colours have been applied and fired, the piece is sanded smooth and given a final firing, the finished piece looks like this, image does not show the clarity and depth of colour in the piece:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A plan most cunning with little Archie.

My  Partner also owns a Rabbit,

instead of a velvety short haired beauty like Ophelia, he has a little angora Boy called Archibold (Archie for short)
Angora rabbits need to be brushed clipped so their fur does not felt together into mats and cause them distress.

This is Archie after being clipped:


I have been collecting the clippings and have devised a plan most cunning.


Well its not really cunning at all I plan to make some yarn from him and then crochet that into a nice pair of gloves.
He is the cutest little sheepie I have ever seen.