How to.

Still crazy busy round here, Uni is over for the year in a couple of weeks so it is a mad dash to the finish line.
Once I am finished I will update with some images from the recent exhibitons, I’m really pleased with how the shows went.
As always there is more to be done and new things to look forward to.

My artichoke has grown to a big size I am ready to attempt to cook and eat it, It is producing so many im thinking of pickling the next ones.



The colours are so astounding.

Now I just need to work out how to cook it.

Beige and BLAH

This is one of my works from the recent show Artmageddon : an inter-generational conflict
This work is my personal response to the theme of Beige using the medium of 2d
I decided to go with a loose patchwork of beige fabrics with the text blah blah blah.
The fabrics were almost all dyed with tea and coffee to get the colours and the work has a faint coffee smell to it also.

beige and blah blah blah


The text of blah is from someone previously describing my work as “beige and Blah” which has stuck with me somewhat.

Outcome or process

There are two types of knitters those who enjoy the process of making  and

those who are driven by the love of the outcome or finished object.


I am currently attempting to re-train myself to be in the first camp.

Here is a “thing” I am currently working on its knitted and will be crocheted at a later time.

I love the REALLY acidic green colour combined with teal.




Busy busy busy around here at the moment,

I finished some toys in time for the sweet streets  festival exhibition at 1000 £ Bend which opened last week on the 8th
Sweet streets festival

Show is on until the 24th of October,
here are some of my creatures on toy mountain, and you can also see some of the other amazing toys that are on show.


sweet streets

and next week there is a couple of very exciting exhibitions on at loft gallery in Abbotsford Presented by Coalesce ARI I group which I help run.

Loft gallery

Coalesce ARI




Everyday objects and New Used and Abused openings 21-10-2010

Basic RGB

opening for this show is next Thursday the 21st from 6-8pm

Six artists use traditional Gold and SilverSmithing techniques to explore, interpret and re-imagine everyday objects and themes.

Curated by Beka Hannah

Claire McArdle
Georgia Lancaster
Inari Kiuru
Mary Hackett
Melissa Cameron
Beka Hannah

Presented by Coalesce ARI, supported by RMIT Unions Arts

Also in the Loft  gallery space opening at the same time is

15 local artists each respond with a work that reflects their diverse interdisciplinary approach.


Curated by Michael Carolan

Beka Hannah
Ben Howe
Bianca Tainsh
Harry Metcalf
Jack Rowland
Jake Carter
Kate Walsh
Leonie Connellan
Lucie Hallenstein
Mary Gray
Michael Carolan
Nick Berry
Oscar Ferreiro
Paul Dew
Paul Keller

Presented by Coalesce ARI, supported by RMIT Unions Arts.