Weeks in review.

I haven’t been updating much recently I have been crazy busy and not exactly inspired.
I have been looking after my bunny at home, I got her speyed and she decided not to eat.
Now that she is eating and running around again I have time to get work done.

comfy bed rabbit


She hasnt forgiven me yet, and has also decided my bed is now her place to lie down.


So I have been making some little antlers for a piece I am working on, I decided I wanted them to be silver.

I have been trialing designs in wax before I get them cast.

wax antlers


The problem is that what looks tiny and delicate and almost ethereal in wax, can look heavy in silver.



I think I have a lot of filing in my future.

European Masters at NGV international.

Went and had a look at European Masters: Städel Museum, 19th–20th Century with the lovely Georgia from thenarwhalsyawn


I really enjoyed the works,it is always interesting  for me to look at how the works were painted and with some of the pieces, one section (usually a figure) would be super shiny in comparison to the of the dull, cracking background.

Even look at which direction the brushstrokes go is entertaining for me,
of course me leaning every which way to look at the sheen on the painting ends up with everyone in the gallery looking at me funny.

I love the lighting out the front of NGV for the show and as I was there late on a Wednesday night I took a picture.european masters

Fairytale land.

I love those little mushrooms that spring up overnight,
it always just seems so magical.



It always seems a little sad by the end of the day when they begin to crumble,
but it’s their ephemeral nature that makes me love them so.P1020196



I am building a nest,

and have a new respect for the intricate extremes that birds go to with their nest construction techniques.
My nest is not as well made as I would like, even though it is still in construction and has a lot of work still needing to be done, this is how it is looking so far.nest


Because I am not a bird I have included a  crochet structure for sturdiness and have woven hay through this as well as sewing hay directly around the nest, threads and wool is also mixed in to give a truly mixed media nest!

This nest will be securely positioned on one of my crochet covered trees.

This work has a long way to go but came about  after I was pondering an  article about the which came first the chicken or the egg debate
article is here

Next challenge is to create the little creatures and eggs to go in my nest.

I’m starting to get clucky already.

Will keep you all posted as I am really excited about this work.