Im really sick yet again,
So I am at home in bed and complaining a lot.
However this does mean I get to spend time with Ophelia who doesn’t mind my complaining at all,
So long as I pay her lots of attention.


She builds forts in bed with me and gets in the way.
Which is why mostly she just gets called Trouble.

Artmageddon is coming.

This week a show is opening which I am involved in.
This is the first show sponsored by the Coalesce ARI of which I am a founding member.
My work is also in the show with me representing Gen Y!

Artists are responding to themes with Viewers invited to vote on which work best responds to the theme.
Here is the Flyer!Artmageddon_invite_portrait

Let me tell you a story..

I’m finally getting around to talking about my time in Tokyo,

and really the bit that could be most relevant to this blog is my trip to the Tokyo Textile district.
Fabric town.

I started with this map that I found when looking up fabric shopping online :6a00d8341c904c53ef01157054a289970b

     textile town


Look at all those fabric shops! Bliss!
So we went to Ueno Zoo that day and then we caught the train to Nippori and I saw this sign helpfully leading the way :

We went to many, many textile shops and I fossicked about to find fabrics that I loved.

Apart from a few language difficulties easily solved by gesturing,and a strange incident involving a cherry flavoured drink, I had an amazing  time.

With so many shops and so much to look at it was all a bit overwhelming.

Here Is my favourite shop Tomato, well one of the tomato chain there are five different shops with different ranges of fabrics. the largest of which is six stories high.


Here is the lowdown on my purchases:

tokyo textiles

Cotton with a Japanese print in cream on black and a heavy cotton drill with white and black stripes.
Enough for a skirt of each but I’m not sure yet.


printed cotton with Babushkas Keys and Owls these are about 50cmx100cm and cost about $2 each
who says Japan is expensive?

fat quaters

Heavy White canvas with animal silhouettes and printed cotton with rabbits in waves or clouds?

animal themed

I’m not sure which but it sure is cute!

More printed cotton this time with traditional Japanese prints these are about 60cm square.
They are destined to be featured on a skirt.