Ammonite brooch/pendant, the art of indecision

This is a piece I finished a couple of months ago,
It will have a twin that will be for my Mum.

I can never decide if I should make a pendant ( I already have LOTS of necklaces)

or another brooch(which I don’t wear as often as I should).

This is the solution.

ammonite front really


Front of the ammonite piece.

And this is the back, a chain can be threaded through the loops on the back and it also has a brooch pin!

ammonite front

Perfect for indecisive people like me!

Meat tree.

My meat tree was completed just before We went to japan and I have been super excited about sharing it!
I am so pleased with this work as it walks the line between humour and the grotesque.
The idea for this piece came to me in a fever dream, initially I was going to create little crochet fruits to come from my tree, but the comic value of the softie meats was too hard for me to pass up.

Looking back this work was informed by the meat series by Mark Ryden,
who’s work has that pretty but creepy value going on

Mark Rydens Website with gallery

Anyway, here is my little tree, sprouting from some felt in an embroidery frame.



I added some small felt leaves to the crochet tree to stop it looking quite so sparse,
the porkchop is still my favourite.



Colour Continuing

Back from Tokyo!

And I am still very excited about colour. Everything in japan seems to be in hyper colour.

These mushrooms were completed a couple of weeks ago
These are an evolved form of the little rather squat mushrooms,
I have made them taller, more fanciful and with bendy posable stems.

And this is both varieties of fungus “growing” from the floor




Bento supply crazy

When I get back home I will only be making cute and healthy lunches.

Actually mostly just cute.
I might have gone a little crazy in a 100 yen shop,

but just look at all the cute things to go in my new lunchbox.

Well one of my new lunchboxes, I now have three , one with rabbits (naturally) a soup bowl with a skull on and a tray for snacks and cutlery and an angry onigiri box which makes me so very  happy.