Tommorow me and Ben are heading to JAPAN!

Tokyo for just over a week,

I have a feeling it will not be long enough.

I am super excited, even though I dont speak japanese and as a vegetarian I may be going a little hungry.
But I could live off my own fat for a while anyway.

Here is an image of the train lines, we are so very going to get

Expect sporadic  updates from Tokyo.
Normal posting will resume once I am back, fed and rested.


My work is in an exhibition called wondernamel at RMIT first site gallery currently until the 5th of June.

Wondernamel 2010, RMIT Gold and Silversmithing

G2 | Wondernamel began in 2007 and continues as the only annual group exhibition of contemporary enamelling in Australia. The artists exhibiting in Wondernamel 2010 work in diverse ways and make fresh and original work in the area of enamelling. Wondernamel is an invented word to reflect the use of enamel by the exhibiting artists. Based on the idea of the curiosity cabinet or wonder room.
Here is some of my work from the show.

2009 RMIT Enamelling 014


copper with enamel and crochet fine silver wire sunk into the surface.
crochet cotton thread “chains”

Tasty tasty Craft meats or a poor use of time and materials?

These will be part of a larger installation that is coming along slowly,
however I am super pleased with my teeny tiny felt meats.

As I am a vegetarian and have been for about 10 years,this may seem a little crazy but I promise  it will all make sense in the end.

I was just too excited not to post them.

I think the pork chop is my favourite really, but the ham is coming a close second.



Making little trees

I am at home, not well and freezing cold.
I am however using this time to get work done for uni, I have a work in progress to incorporate all the things I love in one series of works. Using whimsy and humour as well.
I’m very excited by this prospect.

The part of this project I am working on is inspired by graffiti knitting and crochet.
The pieces of outdoor knitting I like the most, mainly mean knitting (or crocheting) little jumpers for trees.

More can be found out about the outdoor knitting movement online but here a a few links of people doing AMAZING things to start being inspired  with:

Knitta please

New Zealand based OutdoorKnit

Artist Carol Hummel who created my favourite tree

and lovers of texture and colour Masquerade


I have been crocheting a cover for a tree branch for the last day or so here are the results so far!

I already want to make a much bigger version. as well as a brightly coloured one also.





Mushrooms with stems!

I hope everyone loves the sites new revamp! My other half did an amazing job cleaning it up.
I’m  loving how it seems to magically make all my photographs look better.
I’m going to be pottering around and changing a few things around the place myself when I get a chance, but in the mean time here is what I have been working on.


So my last post showed the tops of the mushrooms that I have been working on,
some have now been given stems!
I think these are super cute and have been hiding them around my studio at uni.
shrooms on desk
this is a group hanging out on my desk drawers,
I then placed them all over the floor in mess in the corner.

shrooms in situ
From here I have many plans for my fungus-ey new friends and have been planning a few new shapes also.