Flock work, “Decorative Growth”

I decided to go quite literal with my idea for the theme of “flock”
My work references classic flocked patterns such as damasks and brocades, whilst also incorporating my own fascination with the natural world and organic forms.
The individual components are made to look like they are growing from the frame and up the wall.
Here are a couple of images.


you can click to see them larger, the images are not great though.
the work was pinned to the wall creating a nice relationship between the components and their shadows.


Finally finished.

This brooch started as an accident, then went on to be a nagging idea that wouldn’t go away.
The only way to get rid of the nagging was to create this octopus brooch, it is astounding when the light hits the octopus and sets off  the blended enamel colours.
This piece took many hours to make but I am finally pleased with the outcome, my adoration for cephalopods in enamels.

I hope you like it as much as I do, it is on etsy though I’m not sure how I will deal with having to say goodbye.

octo brooch 1


Keeping things simple,

Today after sitting in the sun enjoying a nice coffee and a hot cross bun, while watching Ophelia run around,
I was able to work in my new studio at home for the first time. It still needs a lot of work but its a better space with some natural light which makes a nice change.
Most of what I have made today is as yet unfinished or worse as yet un-photographed  but I did take a picture of the simple earrings I made while pottering around, they will go with everything, avaliable on my etsy but I will make myself a pair I think!

grey and copper earrings