Ammonite ring.

I have recently completed a ring using a small fossilised ammonite as the centrepiece, I love this ring and I’m going to continue to make rings and other pieces using fossils.

The only flaw in this scheme is the fact I am having problems finding a supplier of small(ish) fossils and my plans may be stalled until I can track some down; I only have another two small ammonites left!
And I have so many plans!

Anyway here is the ring:ammonite ring2

Ammonites, as they pertain specifically to the order Ammonitida, are an extinct group of marine animals belonging to the cephalopod subclass Ammonoidea.
The closest living relative of the Ammonitida, is not the modern Nautilus which they somewhat outwardly resemble, but rather the subclass Coleoidea (octopus, squid, and cuttlefish).

and the remaining ammonites:ammonite shot. copy