Distraction and the search for balance.

This week has been long and I have been working a lot, this has led to me not doing much of my craft or enamelling, and what little time I have had to myself I have been not doing what I should be doing

But rather have been exploring form and enjoying just doing something because I want to not being bothered by the outcome and if it does not work out :

beginnings of growth-

This has been created from some yarn that was thankfully gifted to me from Betty-Ann, this has led to my mind bubbling over with ideas and being very distracted:

wool pile


Anyone who has known me for more than a little while will know my lust and love for rings.
However, this is starting to get a little out of hand.

ring pile

So as I have been working on a new ring today, I thought it would be a good time to show a few of my favourites that I have made before.


These Two are copper tests for soldering, stamping and sizing, these are just quick trials but the copper holds a lot of charm I think.


copper shapes


This is my favourite thumb ring, a plain silver band with two small gears from my old SLR camera that have been cast in silver.


This small silver ring has a bezel with a garnet set into it, made a few years ago. If i was to remake this piece  now the solder joint would a) not be visible and b) would be under the gemstone setting, the small mark that is visible is a hallmark of 925.

garnet ring



This is my favourite ring, cast birdskull on a cast band this piece is solid silver and quite heavy to wear. It was created by making a mould of a small finches skull then recreating the skull in wax, adding a band with more wax was easy then the whole piece was cast.


Maybe tomorrow I will update with the ring I will have completed from today.

Animals and wearability

When I started enamelling not very long ago I discovered two things,
firstly that I’m a lot more of a perfectionist than me, or my friends and family would believe and secondly I love creating representations of animals that are part creature part machine.
From this one clockwork rabbit began.
The first thing I created with this madness in mind was my clockwork owl, being that I love owls and gears it was a perfect match.


This is a rather large piece of enamelling by my standards measuring 9cmx 6cm
it has never been made to be worn, I am however considering making a back piece for it so it could be worn, this piece took me about 14 hours to make.

Detail of his gear filled belly.


Detail of his colour mixed eyes, enamel does not mix together to form a even blended colour but rather the two colours stay beside each other like tiny grains of coloured sand.


My favourite piece so far is of course my clock work rabbit brooch/ necklace this has been made to have a pin on the back but also loops for a chain to go through.