Crafting away!

This Christmas I made some of the people I care about gifts instead of purchasing things, one of the best things that can be made at Christmas is decorations (if you are into decorating as much as I am).
Here is a bit of a look at some of the things I created:


this is a small Christmas narwhal for the mastermind behind  The Narwhals Yawn
this is part of a set of five in various shades of grey, I forgot to take a picture of the whole set though!

and next we have some little owls for Corinne from Shimmer and Glow


wearable owl


the top Christmas coloured ones are decorations and the wee tiny one is wearable as a brooch.

and now a couple of special enamel brooches for my Parents

mum owl

These are made using Cloisonne on fine silver and are in the image of creatures my parents like, the backs of the pieces have brooch settings and stainless steel pins.

Hope everyone had a fabulous few days off and are feeling much more relaxed! I know I am.

Before the big event

In the lead up to Christmas I have been crafting creating and being busy busy, but because of what I’m making the posts will have to wait until after  Christmas day.
So instead here is a picture of my rabbit Ophelia instead of anything crafty, I promise a goody filled post after people have got their gifts!